February 10, 2014 10:33 pm

ILgopCandidatesThe Chicago Tribune/WGN-TV have released a poll on the GOP Governors race. Bruce Rauner had a 20 point lead and leads in all demographics.

Bruce Rauner 40%
Bill Brady 20%
Dan Rutherford 13%
Kirk Dillard 11%
Undecided 15%

You can see the Demographic results below and at the Chicago Tribune

Candidate favorability results can be viewed here. It appears the charges by Rutherford, Brady, and Dillard and not resonating with the voters.

Continue reading at the Chicago Tribune

  • Wolf

    That is some good news that there may be a possibility that the someone who is not an insider and part of the crime and corruption in this Public Sector might get elected. One must always be cautious when over 50% of the populous is already part of the slaves and dependents of the Public Sector today. Otherwise it is hard to believe that the taxpayers would continue to elect these proven criminals that rape and rob them at will and legislate unconstitutional laws. The fraud in this Public Sector today is at Epic levels something that would never have been tolerated by the Forefathers.

  • Mr. G. G. Garcia

    This only proves the GOP nomination is for sale to the highest bidder. Pro-life Republicans have no place to go in November if Rauner wins. I don’t fish, but I am going fishing, unless he does a flip-flop like he did on the minimum wage. Nothing like a real committed conservative, huh? So much for party discipline.