February 19, 2014 4:10 pm

We all remember the Throw Granny off the Cliff ads the Democrats used to smear Paul Ryan during the Obamacare and 2012 Presidential Campaign. Well, the Democrats, government unions and even some Republicans liked those ads so much they are revising them to attack GOP Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, with false and misleading claims.

Chip Englander, campaign manager for Bruce Rauner stated in repsonse:

  • Danni Smith

    I like many aspects of Bruce Rauner’s ideas, his personality, his character. One particular behavior I find extremely admirable is he has not slung one crumb of scum at the scummy other candidates. Dillard with his titanium union ties; Brady with his special tax deal to benefit his family business; Rutherford, not so much the yet to be proven sexual harrassment charges, but the obvious significant implications that must be in the taxpayer paid report he is witholding from us.
    Quinn will not even answer questions, will not release a budget, all for his political gain, which is a serious matter for the voter’s. With the exception of Bruce Rauner, all the other candidates are focused on the dirty politics of winning and not about government or governing. It is more than refreshing to see, for once in Illinois, Rauner, taking the high road, ever the blueblood. It portends to the great leadership we can expect from this would be Governor.
    Today I saw a poll showing Rauner at 46% and news from this week is Dillard’s demand that Brady and Rutherford drop out. Apparently Dillard thinks their votes would become his, but that’s his politics showing, again. Whatever he is and whatever he is promising is not resonating, so he wants votes by default. What he cannot estimate is how many of those default votes would go to Rauner.
    Dillard, Brady and Rutherford offer us more of a combined 60+ years of failure. Their attacks with insane lies and intentional distortion of facts seems to keep backfiring (no gun position here) and they can’t seem to recognize, as they keep shooting themselves in the foot (hooray for guns) Rauner steadily rises in the polls.
    It will be a great day for Illinois if this non-politican, Rauner leads us. Otherwise, nothing will change and Illinois will continue to be the Land of Leavin’.