September 6, 2014 2:07 pm is one of the many new satire or FAKE news sites currently on the internet. Their mission is to make the Tea Party and conservatives look bad by sharing their fake news stories. In essence, this site is like the Onion, just not funny.

What this and sites like it do is take video clips or facts from a real story and make up the rest. This does 2 things:

  1. Gets people angry because they believe the story
  2. Aids in discrediting alternative media

Other fake news sites are:

For those looking for more information here are a couple of examples (No, I am not linking them):

      • Headline: “Top Marine General Now Risking His Career To Take Down Obama”

 The video associated with this story only shows the General criticizing Obama’s policies


      • Headline: “Black Man Brutally Beats Up Woman In Front Of Her Child… For Being White”
          1. First, this was a woman who beat up the white women.
          2. Second it was not because she was white. It was because she thought the white woman had been spreading rumors about here. Click here for the original story.


      • Headline: “Just When You Thought You’ve Heard The Worst The ISIS Is Doing, This Information Leaked” with the following pictureMuslimWithLittleGirl

        The real story is much different. Here is the real video below where the girl in the picture is reciting the Quran.

These are just 3 examples from their site. You can go through each one and you will see the same things, bits of truth, outrageous headlines, but always FAKE news.

  • Arizona Patriot

    Thank you. It makes me sick how many satire sites are in existance today & how many people fall for it while the owners of the satire sites get paid cash for “click throughs”.

    • lr_admin

      You are welcome Arizona Patriot

  • Simon Says

    In the same vein, how do I know YOU are telling the truth? I have doubts about ALL websites, including yours…sorry.

    • Arizona Patriot

      He gave you facts Simon. Pay attention fuctard.

      • Simon Says

        You MUST be a liberal. Gotta resort to name calling…whatever. SO TIRED OF LOSERS like you!

        • Watch It

          Simon, you yourself just resorted to name calling.

          • Simon Says

            So…calling someone a “liberal” is calling names? Okaaayyy…whatever.

        • Anne Franklin

          Simon> being a liberal is not the same thing as being stupid, so stop thinking that. I am a liberal minded person, and I am also a humanist. I will vote for anybody I think is right regardless of their political party. Being conservative is ok with me, just don’t label others as dumb because they don’t think like you.

          • Simon Says

            Liberals are against almost everything this Country stands for and they generally elected idiots into office (think Pelosi). If you want to be liberal, be my guest; but stop ruining our Country and electing morons like Obama and his ilk into office.

          • Rick Bost

            Says the guy from the party that put McCain and Palin on the ticket. Just shutup already you don’t have a clue about what this country stands for if you are a republican. Pretending to care about veterans then supporting the party who voted down 9 bills benefiting our vets. Sends us to fake wars which put us in a recession and then show all of their racist roots once someone of color is in the oval office.

      • Simon Says

        Please note, I didn’t call you names, just stated the “facts.” *rolls eyes*

    • lr_admin

      Simple, check the facts that I provided.

    • Kimberlly Batura-Myers

      Me too, you just dont know what to believe anymore. They should be fined for telling false stories


    The innocent girl story was actually true and the guy standing there forced her to marry him. He is now dead and was one of ISIS commanders! This is a fact!

  • monk

    The trouble for the liberals running those sites. Is that it also brings out the liberal nut jobs.

    • Always curious

      A little research will tell you this site was started by conservatives for conservatives. It didn’t work out like they planned so they call it satire so they can get away with telling lies covered in truth’s clothing.

      • Madelyn Shockey

        What is wrong with you!? Pull the wool from over your eyes and see!

  • snorky neederecker

    Actually. ..the website actually seems to be just fine. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Edward Calioni

    Hard to know who iw telling the facts. I find for myself