January 25, 2014 12:02 am

Listen to Bruce Rauner’s statement after the debate via CapitalFax.com

“Here’s the situation, the special interest groups that make their money from government control Springfield… That’s the fact, it’s a tragedy.”

“The government union bosses, the trial lawyers, these corrupt groups, they can’t do anything to me. I’m impenetrable to them,” Rauner said.

He said his opponents are “part of the problem,” for voting “with Democrats” to raise taxes and fees, for big spending increases, for more debt, for bad pension deals, for pay raises for themselves.

“I’m gonna be dragged through the mud, my family’s gonna be dragged through the mud, my businesses are gonna be dragged through the mud.”

  • Mongolia3

    Pay attention to what facts Capitolfax does and does not report, and the user comments, as it’s been said the site skews pro public sector unions.

  • Mr. G. G. Garcia

    Yes, Rauner is under attack. But he is a junkyard dog in the wrong neighborhood. He is running for Governor on the Republican ticket with his pro-choice position as his wrong foot out. Since he is back-pedaling on minimum wage, he should flip on abortion and try pro-life. Then I would consider voting for him. As it is, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He talks conservative but smells and looks like a Democrat..

  • Mr. G. G. Garcia

    Yes, he IS under attack. He is the heavy in the primary. The others are lightweights. But right off the bat, he came out with pro-abortion, Rahm Emanuel, and flipping on the minimum wage. He comes across as a junkyard dog in a wrong neighborhood. Maybe he should have run as a Democrat. He walks like a duck, quacks like a duck..