October 19, 2012 5:08 pm

The Pantagraph is reporting that Gov. Quinn has chosen a politically connected firm (MADO Management) as a partner in the project to help control Medicaid costs.

CHICAGO — A for-profit nursing home company owned by a politically connected Chicago businessman is a partner in a project Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn announced Tuesday that aims to control health spending for high-cost Medicaid recipients.

The selection of MADO Management raised questions from one advocate for nursing home residents who pointed to some MADO facilities’ below-average staffing levels and violations found by regulators during inspections.

More on the connection from the Illinois Senate Republicans:

MADO is owned by Peter O’Brien. O’Brien also chairs the Illinois Capital Development Board, which oversees state construction projects. He was appointed to the position in 2011 by Quinn. According to the AP, O’Brien is the brother of the late Daniel O’Brien, Jr., a Chicago Democrat who served in the legislature. According to the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform from 1993 through 2008, Mado Management gave $387,054 to Illinois Democrat candidates.

Yet again in Illinois, we see the appearance of pay to play politics.  How many Governors, politicians and political cronies have to go to jail before there is real ethics reform put in place to stop these politically connected deals.  Crony capitalism needs to be ended at all levels of government.

  • Wolf

    What a total sham…the corruption continues here and it is represented in every Public Sector operation in this state and the nation. What is needed is major restructuring and reform of the operations meaning headcount reductions and minimum 40% salary reductions throughout the Public Sector plus total reform of their fraudulent millionaire Pension Plans. You can notice that these criminals never address their pocketbooks or that of their public sector allies…unless their is a major change in the operation of the Public Sector of this country this nation is done. The impending bankruptcy or default of the US and EU are a certainty based on the excess throughout the entire Public Sector operations that have reached epic levels in the last 50 years.

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