February 6, 2013 11:12 pm

GovQuinnGovernor Pat Quinn gave his State of the State address today. It can be summed up in 3 simple statements that were repeated throughout:

  1. Forward
  2. Our Illinois
  3. Hard is not impossible

Gov. Quinn’s address can also be summed up as delusional in its lack of reality based solutions.  Most of his talk of jobs centered on government based jobs initiatives, not jobs in the private sector.  Some of Quinn’s proposal are as follows:

  • Pension Reform – Cullerton’s Senate Bill 1 is Quinn’s preference
  • Online Voter Registration
  • Minimum Wage hike to at least $10/hr
  • Same-Sex Marriage
  • Medicaid Expansion
  • Illinois Health Insurance Exchange
  • More school construction – Includes both K-12 and University
  • Ban sale of “assault weapons” and high capacity ammunition magazines
  • Mental health gun safety legislation
  • Gun free zones – schools, shopping malls and sports stadiums
  • Need to not institutionalize so many with “developmental disabilities and mental health challenges.”
  • Tax credit for hiring veterans
  • Ban conflict of interest voting

Here is the real State of the State in Illinois from Reboot Illinois

  • Wolf

    The systemic corruption here is limitless as the debt keeps piling on from the leaderless, incompetent and criminal elements of the Public Sector. One wonders not if Illinois or for that matter the nation will collapse under the unsustainable deficits and debt load but what form the resulting revolution will take. For this level of fraud on the taxpayers plus these ever increasing oppressive taxation levels cannot continue for much longer. We see the fraud in ever aspect of the Public Sector operations destroying our private sector economy and our future. There is no representative body for the taxpayers left as we see the outright violation of the Constitution by the legislation proposed by these criminals and the Democratic Election process has become an outright sham. The upcoming financial collapse although terrifying in its own right is nothing compared to the despotism and tyranny that may result from a revolution. One can now see the importance Gun Control has for these criminals in the Public Sector for they are fighting for their survival and know the consequences of a 2nd Revolution to their possible existence. The biggest puzzle here is how docile American taxpayers have remained under the rape and robbery of their wealth by these Public Sector criminals to date. For if these taxpayers were our forefathers the 2nd American Revolution would already be underway.

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