February 19, 2013 7:27 pm

Pat-Brady-200x300In the past few weeks, IL GOP Chairman Pat Brady has openly opposed the Republican Platform approved just last year at the State Convention. This weekend he called the GOP wrong.

Let’s look at the GOP as a corporation. This would be the structure:

CEO – Pat Brady
Board of Directors – Central Committee
Franchisees’ – County Chairman
Workers – Precinct Committeeman
Customers – Voters

What are the effects of having the CEO of an organization who is openly hostile to the organization itself?

The effects are very obvious in a corporate setting. Let’s use McDonalds as an example for the corporate analogy. If the CEO of McDonalds openly says killing cows to make hamgurgers is wrong and we should stop killing cows and serving hamburgers. He also started lobbying each franchisee to stop selling beef. McDonalds franchisees would be up in arms calling the board of directors; customers would laugh and make fun of them; they’d also go to other fast food competitors causing a drop in sales. This would continue until the CEO was fired and the Board of Directors publically apologized to it’s customers. They would also have to spend millions of extra dollars rebuilding their brand to be trusted once again, even among former loyal customers. If the board did not fire the CEO then the internal fighting between the franchisees and corporate leaders would split the company into multiple fragments leading eventually to bankruptcy.

Common sense tells us that to have a position that is diametrically opposed to the business you run are incompatible. It is destructive, divisive and utter insanity.

Again, back to the GOP, the leader of the party does not believe in the platform and is telling his Board of Directors he they are wrong. He’s telling the franchisees, the workers and it’s customers that he doesn’t care about what the customers think or what they want. His job is to build trust with the not only with the party, but with the voters.

Pat Brady is not doing his job. In fact he is openly bashing his own party, dividing it into fragments and further destroying the Republican brand with the voters.

Here are a few questions for Central Committee and members of the GOP to ask:

  • Why is Pat Brady dividing the Illinois GOP?
  • Is Pat Brady intentionally trying to divide the party into fragments?
  • If Pat Brady doesn’t agree with the GOP platform, why did he not try to change it at the convention?
  • Will Pat Brady and the party support only candidates that meet his anti-party platform in the 2014 primaries and general election?

The ramifications to the GOP is tremendous. Continuing this divisive path guarantees further defeat in the 2014 elections. The party will be so divided many will not vote. The vote will be so divided Madigan will build an even higher vote count in his super majority. The most dangerous consequence may very well be a serious Third party or Indepent challenge. This will guarantee the Democrats will once again maintain the stranglehold on the Governors seat.

If a third party or independent challenge is strong enough, it may very well be the final straw sending the GOP into the dustbin of history like the Whig party from whence it came.


  • fedupMan

    Where is the money trail? What is going on behind the scenes? Whats in it for him? I have lived here 66 years and in Chicago and IL and its is ALWAYS about making money off of other peoples back. Why can’t he get canned right out of the party?

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