March 22, 2013 1:10 pm

Chicago IL — Bruce Rauner released the following statement about Illinois’ increasing unemployment rate.

“Yesterday we learned that Illinois unemployment rose to 9.5% as national unemployment fell to 7.7%. Clearly what Springfield is doing is not working.

“For the past four years Governor Quinn and Speaker Madigan have crippled our economy. We have seen tax hikes, record debt levels, the worst pension crisis in America, and 11 credit downgrades.

“What has this all led to? Businesses are fleeing the state for more business friendly environments. Illinois has all the resources to be a leading state; instead we are struggling to survive.

“People are ready to transform Illinois. Everywhere I go on my Listening Tour people tell me how we need somebody new, not a career politician to get this done.”

Bruce Rauner is a businessman considering running for Governor of Illinois. He is currently on a Listening Tour across Illinois, and has made stops in Cumberland, Coles, DuPage, Effingham, Shelby, Tazewell, and Washington counties. His next Listening Tour stops are in Mason and McDonough counties and Winnetka.


  • Allen Skillicorn

    Notice that so-called republican leadership like Pat Brady, Leader Cross, and Leader Radogno are silent on this?

  • Wolf

    It would be nice to get a competent business person that was totally disassociated from the parties. Unfortunately most people have no spine to initiate the major restructuring and reforms necessary to save the state, municipality or nation. The massive Public Sector operations with their 50% over staffing and compensation levels plus the millionaire pension scam with its huge COLAs have destroyed the economy at the Federal, state and local levels. The oppressive taxation levels and over regulation plus the cronyism has destroyed any competitive business environment and dismantled the power of “Free Market” Capitalism. The corruption at every level of this system today is at epic levels even the simple aspect of operating and legislating under the Constitution guidelines no longer applies. The operational transformation that is required to rebuilt this country is enormous and the task of removing the corruption is extremely difficult in that there is no branch of Government that still operates under its charter and limited powers. In fact there is no longer a functional Judicial System that could prosecute and adjudicate the fraud and corruption that is systemic throughout this system.