April 18, 2013 7:58 am

While the finances of the state continue to get worse and worse every day. The legislature focuses on how it can have more mandates in school. This time it is adding more requirements to what is called “age-appropriate” “Comprehensive” with the passage of HB2675.

While age appropriate sounds good, take a look at what SEICUS calls age-appropriate. SEICUS is the “national go-to organization for sex-ed curriculum” according to Illinois Family Institute.

Republicans voting Yes (3) Democrats voting No (5)


  • Wolf

    It is amazing to see these criminals act to preserve their self-interests, fraud and political power. The last thing these criminals will ever do is represent and serve the taxpayers of this state. The fraud today in the Public Sector is at epic levels, and it is clearly seen in the massive debts and deficits these system accumulate to provide their 23 million millionaires of the Public Sector the lifestyle they have achieved through their criminal prowess. When over 80% of the state debt is unlawful under the Constitution and there is no hint of an audit or formal prosecution, one can see that the system and its institutions are all criminals partaking in the biggest crime ever orchestrated in World history against citizens. The question should be is there one honest individual in the entire Public Sector and how much longer will the taxpayers tolerate this level of rape and robbery?