May 8, 2013 1:14 pm

GamblingForKids_2When the IL Senate passed their gambling bill, SB1739, last week, promises were made that the revenue would be used for education and other pet projects. This was highlighted in the Daily Herald article where State Sen. Melinda Bush stated,

“Frankly, we told the people of Illinois that this gaming bill was going to bring income in for education,” Bush said. “What we’ve done is taken about $65 million from revenues and given it to different special interests to get them to vote for the bill.”

GamblingForKids_4Bush voted against the bill, but would have voted for it, even with the special interests money if her vote had been needed. It sounds like she is in favor of expanded gambling, but since she didn’t have to commit she voted no. This is just another example of how a politician does nto represent the people of the district, they vote according to how the Democratic leadership wants them to vote.

Bush conceded that had her vote been needed for the legislation to succeed this week, she would have probably voted for it. It was approved with two votes to spare and now goes to the Illinois House.

GamblingForKids_3This gambling expansion adds 5 new casinos, in Chicago, the south suburbs; Lake County; Rockford, and Danville. In addition it adds slot machines at the Arlington International Racecourse, O’Hare and Midway.

Republicans who allowed Bush and other Dems off the hook on this vote were:

  1. Jason Barickman
  2. Kirk Dillard
  3. David Luechtefeld
  4. Matt Murphy
  5. Chapin Rose
  6. Dave Syverson


  • Wolf

    We do not need more Revenue for the bloated and dysfunctional Public Education operations at any level K-12 or Higher Education. When you have a failed system like this that has 50% over staffing and compensation levels plus a millionaire Pension scam that is bankrupting the state like it is the nation then restructuring and reform is needed to bring these failed operations into line. These criminals in our Public Sector like to scam the taxpayers that all this fraud is for the Children when the 23 million millionaires of the Public Sector are filling their pockets like there is no end. It is time to clean out this mess of a Public Sector and return control to the taxpayers of this state and nation. Unfortunately we cannot use the Judicial System because its members are major participants and beneficiaries of the massive fraud on the taxpayers.