June 12, 2014 1:33 pm

Bruce Rauner has just released his Bring Back Blueprint: Government Reform and Cutting Government Waste. His top 10 priorities are:

  1. Cut Wasteful Spending
  2. Eliminate Execute Shuttle and Sell State Planes
  3. End Political Slush Funds
  4. No Pay or Pension as Governor
  5. Enact a Defined Contribution System For Legislators
  6. Restrict Outside Employment for Legislative Leaders
  7. 10% Cut in Constitutional and General Assembly
  8. Merge the Comptroller and Treasurer
  9. Reform Central Management Service and Procurement
  10. Implement Medicaid Verification Reform


  • Maggie Sullivan

    How about a blueprint for NOT killing babies.

  • izzy cohen

    Really this is the big plan? How are you going to ago about getting a change to a defined contribution plan? How are you going to out maneuver Madigan and the unions? Here I s areal plan, put up most state administrative and operational positions to competitive open bid contracts. Law enforcement for example is a position that can easily be outsourced to security companies. The DMV Is ripe for contracting. Heck since the give licenses to illegal aliens and voter fraud is already rampant in IL it makes no difference. IT, etc use contractors. Get rid of the pensions and health care for the General Assembly, they are part time jobs for cripes sake. Attack the social service infrastructure. If you don’t work you don’t eat should be this State’s new motto. Grow a pair Bruce – really.