June 30, 2014 1:01 pm

Last week it once again became crystal clear which side the government unions were on in the race for Illinois Governor.  The DGA (Democratic Governors Association) put $1 million into the Quinn campaign. In addition the teacher unions dumped in another $725,000.


What does this mean?  It means there is going to soon be a heavy dose of anti-Rauner advertisements on their way. Remember each time you see one, YOUR money that flowed to the teacher unions is paying for this.  And remember that the teacher unions are one of the main culprits in Illinois being the most broken state in the country.


  • Wolf

    Government Unions are protecting their investment here. They have put hundreds of million into their candidates to maintain the rape and robbery of the taxpayers. The level of corruption and fraud in the Public Sector operations dependents on the right candidate being in office to negotiate the exorbitant labor contracts and limiting the competitive bidding on Public Sector contracts. It is the Epic fraud that is destroying this nation at every level.