December 21, 2013 10:59 am

Michael Sneed of the Chicago Sun Times has the following:

GOP gubernatorial hopeful Bruce Rauner has won the Republican pre-primary endorsement from the Cook County Republican Party, Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed has learned exclusively.

Here are the vote totals from the endorsement:

Total Cook County Votes     200,750
Bruce Rauner 63.38%
Kirk Dillard 10.18%
Dan Rutherford 5.94%
Bill Brady 0%

The following is from Rauner’s Campaign on the endorsement:

“While government unions and national Democrats are lining up to attack Bruce in the GOP primary, Republican leaders and activists are lining up to support Bruce. Republicans know that Bruce’s ideas to increase jobs, control spending, reduce taxes, improve education and enact term limits are the keys to both winning statewide and bringing back Illinois. Republicans want to win and shake up Springfield, and they won’t let government union bosses and national Democrats hijack the Republican primary. We are grateful for their support and look forward to working with them to secure victory in March and then November.”

  • Wolf

    This is bad for Rauner because he was the only hope for the restructuring and reform necessary to safe the state from near term bankruptcy. This endorsement indicates that he is just another insider and Party member. When you have this level of crime and corruption from the two Party members the last a reform candidate wants is the endorsement of one of the Parties.

  • Jeff Noncent

    As for me i am glad that a Republican is leading the course because Illinois needs it very badly

  • fedupMan

    The HUGE army of IL moochers, of all races that want MORE goodies will be hard to beat.