December 23, 2013 11:53 pm


Rhea and Oliver Wuth at nine-months-old (Court file, 2009)

Matt Walsh explains why sometimes there cannot be an actual debate on some topics. Here is why:

“a constructive argument, or debate, or dialogue, or whatever you want to call it, requires both parties to have some shared concept of right vs wrong and fact vs fiction. Without that, neither side can appeal to the other, because they both exist in entirely different universes.

So, me personally, I’m livin’ over here in a world where it’s never OK to execute a disabled baby”


If it isn’t wrong to kill children, then it can not be wrong to do anything else.


I say all of this because my initial intention was to sit down and write about the couple in Washington who just won a 50 million dollar “wrongful birth” settlement. Brock and Rhea Wuth sued a hospital because their son was born severely disabled. No, they were not alleging that the hospital caused the disability; they alleged that the hospital (and a lab testing facility) did not run the correct tests that would have detected the genetic defects while the child was still in the womb. Had they been given the correct tests, they would have known that the baby was “defective,” and then killed it. Tragically, they were robbed of the opportunity to abort their son, so the hospital must pay for the son’s care — for the rest of his life.

Matt’s reasoning is clearly laid out.  He is correct.  We see this not only when it comes to abortion, but same-sex marriage, Obamacare  and several other debates. People who disagree will allow no reasonable debate on the topic.  There can be no common ground or common sense found when they will not actually engage in an honest conversation.

I was also recently reminded of this when I flipped on Whale Wars a couple days ago.  A person on the Sea Shepherd stated, “Whales are more important to the survival of the planet than I am.”  How ludicrous a statement and belief system.  This is the same mentality of the people who filed this lawsuit.  It also reinforces Matt’s point that,

“If it isn’t wrong to kill children, then it can not be wrong to do anything else.”

This is exactly what the whale story and the wrongful birth lawsuits demonstrate. Human life is being devalued and thus anything can now be justified. What possible reasoning and common ground can be done with people who do not value life? None.