December 30, 2013 1:45 pm

Bruce Rauner has released a new video. It was also played right before halftime of the Bears Packers game last night. The video highlights Rauner’s views on education.


From Rauner press release:

“I know the government union bosses will attack me for it, but I’ll keep fighting for better schools until every child in Illinois is given an opportunity to succeed,” Bruce Rauner said. “I’ll give parents more control and choices, reward the best performing teachers with merit pay, and challenge the bureaucracy and put more into the classroom.”

Since the beginning of the campaign, Bruce has highlighted improving education as one of his four top priorities along with strengthening the economy, reducing spending and taxes, and enacting term limits on the career politicians.

“The fact is education is the most important thing we do as a community, and if we don’t get it right, nothing else matters,” Bruce added. “I’ll make sure we get it right by putting parents and students first.”

As a private citizen, Bruce has helped give children in the city of Chicago access to a better education by donating millions to charter schools and funding merit pay programs. He’s been a leader in the education reform movement and worked with many education organizations such as the New Schools for Chicago, The Noble Network of Charter Schools, Chicago Communities in Schools, ACT Charter School, and the Chicago Public Education Fund.

  • Glenn Garamoni

    You are reporting Lennie, not endorsing I hope. Rauner claims to care about education. What should a good education be? He doesn’t say. I would submit it is all about morality, the US Constitution, who are the real American heroes, tradition, the beauty of the
    free-enterprise system, and learning an appreciation of all the good things that are American. Is Rauner saying what a good education is? No specifics such as parental control, removing the federal gov’t from education, or support of home-schooling. When a candidate doesn’t have the personal morality to oppose the killing of the un-born, how can we assume his motives are above suspicion? It saddens me to see the poll numbers of Republicans who support a candidate who should be considered as a pig-in-a-poke.