January 13, 2014 10:25 pm

  • Wolf

    Lets put this budget in perspective the state is broke today as it cannot pay its bills and it is not making the required cuts on operations pursuing a balanced operation budget. They are not addressing the 50% over staffing and compensation levels nor is the fraud of their millionaire pension plans being addressed. The executive members of this operation should be fired immediately by the taxpayers. The legislative body should also be removed in that they show no acumen or will to propose a balanced and responsible budget. This incompetence and crime is occurring as the taxation levels are exorbitant and destroying the state economy. Clearly there is no managerial acumen within this entire operation and it should be closed down and totally rebuild. This proofs that Communism and incompetence are one and the same. These criminals know only one thing and that is raping and robbing the taxpayers for their own enrichment. There should be prosecution for these crimes against the taxpayers of these criminals here.