March 26, 2014 5:21 pm

Governor Pat Quinn finally presented his 2015 budget today.

  • Wolf

    This shows a continuation of bloated Public Sector operations that have bankrupted the state. The first action should be to reduce the Public Sector headcount by 50% and cut the compensation levels by 50% for those over $ 50K annually. The second action is total reform and restructuring of the Public Sector millionaire Pension fraud. The tax tax rate should be set below a 3% Flat Tax Rate. The Public Education should be reformed to a Voucher System providing a maximum total Public Sector funding of $7K per K12 student annually that can be used at any Parochial, Public, Private or “Virtual” School System. The Tax Policy should be reformed to prevent double and triple taxation of income and elimination inheritance taxes. It is time to restore economic growth by eliminating the corrupt and criminal Public Sector operations. The parties responsible for the fraud on the taxpayers of the millionaire Public Sector Plans should be prosecuted outside the US Judicial System and deported from this nation.