April 23, 2014 3:19 pm

  • Wolf

    Good for Rauner attacking the criminals of the Public Sector today. The crime and corruption in the Public Sector is at Epic levels destroying the Life of all taxpayers. The massive Public Sector Pension fraud is just one element of the restructuring and reform necessary to rescue the private economy and our nation. There is absolutely no need for any tax increases anywhere in this Public Sector operation. What is necessary is basic headcount reductions, compensation reductions and total reform of the millionaire Pension scam. After the restructuring is completed and the debt and deficits eliminated today at a Flat State Tax of no more than 3% maximum and the elimination of all double and triple taxation of income and the inheritance taxes. The prosecution and deportation of the present criminals of the Public Sector should be executed. These criminals are not even worthy of imprisonment in our prison system.