April 23, 2014 10:58 pm

Governor Pat Quinn retweeted and article by

  • Danni Smith

    I’ll take my chances, Quinnociao.

    • mrv

      Ditto that…Our governor and Chicago Democrats have a problem with Mr. Rauner throwing around HIS OWN MONEY. Democrats have no problem with throwing around “precinct money” on or before election days; that is other people’s money. Neil Steinberg is a hippcrite. He bad mouths Republicans with money; how about Mike Madigan, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, the Clinton’s; all multi-millionaires; the Obamas, too. God forbid any African-American or Hispanic be a conservative and not tow the Plantation Party Line. Neil Steinberg, please don’t preach to Mr. Rauner, at least he is not a wife beater. Neil Steinberg, aquaint yourself Professors Thomas Sole, of Stanford, and Walter Williams, of George Mason University. Neil Steinberg, who you crappin’?

  • Wolf

    Demonstrates that this person is not only a criminal but is incompetent in every aspect. There is no wonder that this state is broke when criminals like this are running the operations and raping and robbing the citizens.