May 17, 2014 10:41 am

In news broken yesterday by Bill Zettler, Director of Research for Family Taxpayers Foundation, discovered that the Gov Pat Quinn’s former Deputy Chief of Staff is receiving nearly $117,000 more per year than she is supposed to.

Carolyn Brown Hodge retired in late 2009 after being fined for using state property to do political work.

  • Wolf

    The question here would start with how can any US Court adjudicate this fraud or any of the massive fraud related to the Public Sector Pension Scam when the court and all its employees including the Judges are major beneficiaries of this scam on the taxpayers of this nation, state or local community. What is needed is a total restructuring and reform of these plans and moving all Public Sector employees 30 years or younger into a self-directed 401k, Social Security and Medicare and cap the payouts of the corrupt plan for everyone else at $44K annually as a maximum. All the COLAs would be set at the ballot box by the taxpayers as part of the general periodic elections. All Public Sector Labor Contracts would also be approved at the ballot box by the taxpayers. A scam and fraud of this magnitude on the taxpayers should have further prosecutions but this is a start.

  • foxfan111

    More theft of the peoples money. This is criminal and should be treated as such, regardless of the error. It’s also criminal for the peoples representatives not to fix this!

  • PA1974

    This statement says: “The State Employee Retirement System claims this was a
    clerical error. Her retirement check was supposed to be 1,149 per month
    but ended up being $11,498 per month.”

    The report from WGN says she was paid 6 to 7 times what she should have been paid.

    Actually, its seems like she was over paid ten times more than she should have been paid.

    In this case, the lady’s pension, is more than her former salary.

    If this isn’t fraud, nothing is fraud.

    Whoever made this mistake, should go to jail.

    I’m not a lawyer, but I’d call this embezzlement.

    This is no “innocent math error”.