September 3, 2013 2:13 pm

Governor Quinn sent out his monthly newsletter. I thought I would provide the headlines as they should appear instead of his spin.

First, Gov. Quinn wants input on how to improve the government. Please send him tell him by clicking here.

Quinn Spin: Governor Quinn Appoints Independent Task Force to Restore Trust in Northeastern Illinois Public Transit
Title Should Be: Quinn Appoints Task Force To Appear He Wants To Reform Public Transit

On August 15th, Governor Pat Quinn issued an

  • Wolf

    Here are a couple of easy actions to restore the financial health of the state and remove the oppressive taxation off the backs of the taxpayers. Restructure and Reform the Public Sector operations by cutting 50% of the headcount and compensation levels and reforming the Public Pension Fraud by limiting the annual pension payout to $44K and removing the exorbitant COLAs by having them track the Core CPI figure and move all new employees into standard Social Security, Medicare and a self-directed 401K with a 3% maximum match. Address the Public Education mess by introducing a universal Voucher of $7K per K12 student per year which the parents can take to any Parochial, Private, Public or Virtual ( Education System. And finish the action by bringing the State Income Tax back to 3% maximum in 2014. Now these are measures to start addressing the massive fraud of the Public Sector and return the private to some functionality.

  • Wolf

    Instead of adding more nonsensical laws that increase the taxpayer costs without any value restructure and reform the massively bloated Public Sector operations and address the fraud. Reduce the Public Sector headcount by 50% and reduce the over compensation levels by 50% and reform the fraudulent Pension Plans by limiting the annual payout to $44K with a COLA tied to the Federal Core Inflation level and put all new employees into the standard Social Security, Medicare and self-directed 401K plans with a maximum 3% match. Institute a universal Voucher System for K12 at $7K per student annually which the parents can use for a Parochial, Private, Public or Virtual (“”) Education System of their choice. Reset the State Income tax to 3% for 2014. Address the massive fraud and scam in the local Property Tax operations and start to clean out the incompetence and corruption throughout the Assessor Offices. There many other actions that should be taken to address the corruption and fraud throughout this entire Public Sector operation but this is a start.