August 8, 2013 12:43 pm

In an interview with Windy City Times, Dan Rutherford stated:

I think the party should change. I think the party should evolve. I think it’s going to take people like myself to help the party evolve. When I voted for the human rights bill in the early 90s, there was only a few of us. And when we moved forward to eventually pass it, there was more of us. And as we moved into consideration of the civil unions bill, there were some of us.


I think my party needs to be more tolerant. I think they need to be more tolerant of the gay and lesbian community. They need to be more tolerant to the ethnic minority community. I think they need to be more tolerant with regards to the immigrant community.

I’m not saying that to be negative on my party. I’m just saying that if we allow gay rights, guns and abortion to be the definition of the difference between a good Republican and a bad Republican, we will be the party of the perpetual minority.

It appears Dan Rutherford is pandering to the Same-Sex marriage crowd with this interview. Instead of taking a stand against same-sex marriage as he has in the past, he is equivocating and saying he is evolving and that the party should evolve. Remember, Dan was the only Republican State Senator to vote in favor of civil unions.

In this very article Dan talks about the Equality Illinois events sponsored at Republican events. His very statements show the hypocrisy of his own argument that the GOP needs to be more diverse. the GOP is diverse, but it appears Dan wants only members of the GOP who believe as he does. It appears he doesn’t truly want diversity of opinion from those who believe there are religious moral standards.

Sorry, Dan, but diversity means having people of all views and all religious beliefs, not just those YOU want them to evolve too.