February 1, 2014 10:59 am

DGAlogoThe Democratic Governors Association, a group that includes current Illinois governor Pat Quinn, has donated $50,000 to the Jobs and Opportunity for Illinois PAC. The Illinois group, created in November, is a independent expenditure committee backing Quinn. The PAC is expected to launch a series of TV ads attacking Rauner and his positions.

Speculation over whether outside groups and money would arrive in Illinois to help influence the governor

  • Wolf

    Rauner appears not to be an insider. He could start restructuring and reforming the criminal operations of the Party members and Public Sector like Walker has started in Wisconsin. So there is a lot here that worries the criminals of the Public Sector especially as one consider the 50% over staffing and compensation levels plus their millionaire Pension Plan scam. In the past all the candidates DEMS and GOP basically fell in line with the fraud and crimes executed by our Public Sector. It would really be a relief for the taxpayers if Rauner is real and he stops the rape and robbery on the taxpayers.